Aaron James Saldaña

Democrat for Harris County Criminal Court At Law No.5



Help make Aaron James Saldaña the next Judge of Harris County Criminal Court At Law No. 5. This is a county wide election and if you are registered to vote in Harris County, then you are eligible to vote in this election.  This is a non-presidential election year and historically speaking less people turn out to vote.  However, this is when your vote really does count and can make a difference with less than 50,000 people expected to vote in the Harris County Democratic Primary, a vote for Aaron James Saldaña is a vote for the voice of justice and can make the world of difference.  Early voting for the Democratic Primary begins on February 20, 2018, please spread the word, tell your family and friends and get out to vote!!! Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email: SaldanaforJudge@gmail.com

FB: @SaldanaforJudge