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I am a lifelong Houstonian who grew up on the Southeast side of Houston near Gulfgate Mall, in a socially economically challenged neighborhood. I graduated from the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. Like many inner city youth, just graduating high school was a pretty big deal for me and my family, because it is so easy to slip up into the wrong things. Upon graduation of high school, I attended Houston Community College for my basics; I did not graduate at the top of my high school class and we couldn't afford to send me to a university, but my family and I recognized the importance of furthering my education. Upon completion of my basics, I then transferred and graduated from the University of Houston and it is there that I earned my bachelor’s degree. I always knew that I wanted to defend the constitutional rights of citizens, therefore, I attended South Texas College of Law and became a lawyer.

Since my completion of law school, I have been defending the constitutional rights of accused day in and day out. It is important to be mindful that everyone is entitled to their day in court and afforded protections guaranteed by the Constitution. As Judge of Harris County Criminal Court At Law No. 5, I will never lose sight of this and will be honest, fair and approachable.


I am recently married as of July 15, 2017 to my beautiful wife, Leslie, who I happen to this quite the knockout.  We were married by the Catholic Church, both of us having received the Sacraments of Initiation prior to marriage, we were able to enjoy and have bestowed upon us the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

Wee both come from similar backgrounds and share similar values.  Having both grown up in lower socio-economic neighborhoods, she too grew up on the SE side of Houston near Pasadena off of 225 and graduated from Chavez High School.  Though both of our families struggled financially, we were blessed to see our parents work ethic which are second to none and we were taught to treat all with dignity and respect.  These are lessons that I will bring with me to the bench every day.

Some people will say that I am "too young" or "too inexperienced," but perhaps that is a good thing, because I am also "untarnished" and uninfluenced by social politics and merely want to provide fair and impartial justice to all that step foot in Harris County Criminal Court At Law No. 5.  I know what this county needs, one of its own, a voice for justice affording the citizens of Harris County the opportunity to enjoy their constitutionally protected freedoms.  My license is the same color as everyone else's and I meet all qualifications to be the next presiding judge Harris County Criminal Court At Law No. 5; a youthful voice, representative of the people of Harris County is what this county really needs.


Law School: South Texas College of Law, J.D.; Houston, Texas

Undergraduate: University of Houston; Houston, Texas

High School: High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice; Houston, Texas

Pershing Middle School; Houston, Texas

Edna M. Carrillo Elementary School; Houston, Texas